Senin, 01 Februari 2010

Tom and Jerry Eps 10 The Lonesome Mouse



The cartoon opens with Tom taking a nap by the fireplace. Above him is Jerry, who drops a vase on top of his head. This crashing vase brings out Mammy Two Shoes, who throws Tom out of the house as punishment. He then crashes into a mop and washcrate, which makes him look like the Great Sphinx of Giza, with some pyramids. Jerry teases Tom from inside, puts a "For Rent" sign outside his mouse hole, dances in Tom's milk bowl, makes Tom's picture on his bed look like Adolf Hitler, or maybe his cat, and rips a piece of Tom's bed sheets. Jerry is having a lot of fun for the first few hours without Tom, but soon becomes bored. Then a voice is heard asking, "You never thought you'd miss that cat, did ya?" Jerry shakes his head. "Feelin' kind of lonesome?" Jerry nods his head. "Look at him. You can't live with him, but there's no fun without him. You know, you could get that guy back in here though, if you really wanted to. Couldn't you?" Jerry thinks about it for a second and then smiles.


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